Papiernik, where stories come from

Papermaker. who is he? What he does? You have no idea how important these questions are. Because how
Where do you think stories come from? Do they come to us? Or to those who
they pass them on to others in books and around campfires? You think they suddenly appear out of nowhere,
out of nowhere and allow themselves to be tamed? from where!

The stories are clever and not so easy to catch. And what about getting them to let you?
to tell. And to catch a story that no one has ever heard before – oh! my
dear – this requires a professional. For this you need a papermaker.

In the book you hold in your hands, you will have the opportunity to meet him. Find out on
its difficult art, and see some of its most closely guarded treasures.
Stories that have never been told before!



Papiernik, where stories come from

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